CamilleMy name is Camille (Камий) and I am a French volonteer in Stara Zagora ; I am gonna stay for one year, until next October. The program I am part of is called European Volunteering Service (EVS). The EVS allows young Europeans people to go to another country  for a specified period (2-12 months) in order to do a service activity. Razlichniat Pogled (различен поглед), my receiving organisation, is a cultural and social association which prepares several cultural and artistic events.
As part of my activity, I work at the library at the child department ; my objective is to help children growing up to improve theirs artistic and cultural skills in order to expand theirs opportunities and to open up new horizons. I believe that manual activities are very good for personnal development and psychomotricity (the relation between the brain and the body), and I believe that playing while learning is the main solution in order to improve knowledge. For example, we did a workshop about Haloween ; the children made bags and scary masks with plastic plates and paint while I told them my childhood experience. For now, I dont speak Bulgarian, but I will have lessons and I hope that soon I will be able to communicate more easily with people.


1 – 5 юни 2024
Стара Загора

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